Advanced Funeral Planning

“Whether you’re making funeral and cemetery arrangements for a loved one or making advance arrangements for yourself, planning ahead is a smart choice. We can recommend the best services available to suit your specific needs. Your funds are invested with the largest and oldest funeral funding company in the world. All of our products are protected by the Canadian Life and Health Compensation Corporation. Our staff can happily provide services in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.”

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Benefits of Advanced Planning

Peace of Mind – One of the biggest benefit of plan in advance is relieving your loved ones of financial stress and burden at the time of one’s passing. Payment is immediately available to help pay for expenses directly to the funeral home. A completed pre-arrangement will provide vital information your family will need to make many of the difficult decisions and unanswered questions about what your wishes. Our plan will give you peace of mind knowing your wishes and final expenses are looked after.

Inflation Protection – The Professional Service Fees and Merchandise that the funeral home provide are locked in when a contract is written.

Tax-free Benefits – Our plans accumulate with tax-free interest growth. At the time of one’s passing the money is paid out tax-free as well.

Your Estate – The money in your plan also bypasses your estate. That means nothing is tied up at that tough time. The money is paid immediately to the funeral home.

Simplicity – At the time of one’s passing, let us take care of the paper work. All the details will be looked after when you pre-arrange your wishes with us.

Security – Your plan will be purchased from the oldest and largest funeral funding company in the world. All of our products are protected by the Canadian Life and Health Compensation Corporation.

Affordability –A plan can be paid for by making payments over 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. A single payment plan may also be purchased, if you wish. Many of our payment plans are insured right from your first payment, ask us for more details.

For a small additional cost, anyone can add a Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan to their advanced funeral plan. This plan helps out with numerous expenses if something should happen to you when you are away from home. Click here to learn more.

If a death has occurred and you are in need of immediate assistance, we are here 24 hours a day to help you. Please call our main line at 604-326-1454

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