Carolyn D Budd-Goertzen

August 08, 1947 - December 02, 2021


Obituary For Carolyn D Budd-Goertzen

Carolyn Dorothy Budd-Goertzen went to be with the Lord peacefully from her home in Cloverdale, BC on December 2, 2021. Carolyn Budd was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on August 8, 1947 to Catherine Avent and James Budd. She was raised in West Vancouver, BC, and in Grade 9 became involved with Young Life, an organization whose focus was to bring the Gospel to teenagers. She was dedicated to her work with teenagers and remained committed to helping them in their faith well into her twenties. While working with the youth, Carolyn started building her life and values around her Christian faith. In the summer of 1969, when her son Ted was a baby, Carolyn started the Salt Circus Ministry at the West Vancouver Baptist Church with her first husband Gracen Beutler. The couple were married in 1968, and together, they reached out to the young people on the beaches of Ambleside. By September of that year, the Baptist Church was full of young people attending a service dedicated specifically for them. The youth ministry lasted for almost ten years and Carolyn was interviewed on a local radio station because so many young people came from all over the Vancouver area to attend the services. After leaving the ministry, Carolyn, by then a devoted mother to her son Ted and daughter Rebecca, moved to a two-acre acreage in Maple Ridge. There, out in the country, she took on the formidable task of designing and building her dream house. She and her young children lived life to the fullest, feeding animals, picking fruit, and gathering vegetables from the large patch in the “back forty.” She canned vegetables and made jams and harvested apples from the mature apple orchard on the acreage and pressed them into cider. For Carolyn, family was most important, and she raised her children in the knowledge of Christ and to respect and look out for one another. She loved her family and her friendships in Maple Ridge. She witnessed to the community by hosting Bible camps for children in the summer and Bible studies for young people in the winter. As much as Carolyn loved her family, she also loved her many pets. She was a breeder of Cocker Spaniels, Standard Poodles, and Lhasa Apsos. She enjoyed gardening, crafting cards, painting, political discourse, and reading and writing. She wrote a book about the life of Jesus called Dusk: God’s Chosen Donkey. She had a passion for serving people and maintained a strong record of public service. She served as a chaplain for the White Rock Peace Arch Hospital, taught Sunday school, and volunteered with the South Surrey RCMP detachment, the Welcome Wagon, and the Mothers March of Dimes. She also ran in the 1993 federal election for the National Party of Canada and enjoyed the many debates. Carolyn’s faith was strong and unyielding and her quest for spiritual knowledge led her to attend Regent College, and later in life, she entered the Catholic Church. It was at Regent College where she met Peter Goertzen, her second husband. Carolyn and Peter married in 1989, and together, built a life of ministry to family, friends, and neighbours. Her home was like a flowering garden, always filled with colour and art. Her paintings covered the walls, and she loved to gift them to family and friends. Carolyn was a remarkable and colourful and passionate woman, always entertaining her family and friends with laughter and joy. Her greatest desire at the end of her life was to see her family and friends come to experience the love of Jesus as she had known over her lifetime. Carolyn is survived by husband Peter Goertzen; son Ted Beutler (Lorena Gonzalez); daughter Rebecca Parker (Larry Dicker); grandchildren Lynnea Parker (Adam Knibbs), Paige Parker (Alex McDougall), Stephanie Beutler, and Cassandra Beutler; great-granddaughter Hannah Joy McDougall; and siblings Diane Budd-Marshall, Nancy Budd (John Denham), and Jim Budd (Debbie Mealia); and two generations of nieces and nephews.

Poetry by Carolyn


Tears, expressions of the soul –

…of joy, when laughter runs out

…of sorrow, at parting in life,

in death

…of loneliness, when no one has


…for beauty when –

“exquisite” pierces

…for music pointing upwards

sunshine kissing dew

flowers brilliant bursting

silent night stars dancing

oil on canvas expressing vision

ink on paper making vulnerable

…of hopelessness—when the Shepherds

lose their way and

no one will wander with me in

the wilderness.

-Carolyn Budd-

Joyless Sound

Laughter, rising

Who called you to life

Alien force?

Retreat, be calm,

Wait your proper time

Gross intruder.

You must come

On the arm of Joy

Or play the harlot.

Dancing and leaping

Devoid of grace or manner

You dazzle the crowd


Stay Fool to yourself.

-Carolyn Budd-

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13 Dec

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14 Dec

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01:00 PM

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14 Dec


02:30 PM

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  • December 13, 2021

    I will never forget the first time I saw Carolyn in church ... this beautiful lady: wearing a lovely fancy hat, clothes so chic with matching nail polish and makeup! I thought she looked like a movie star. Then, I met her in person and we immediately connected like 'old friends'. She was so welcoming when I brought the statue of The Travelling Blessed Mother to her home for one week of prayer. As I got to know Carolyn, I found her delightful to be with, she had this great ability to love people, she loved to entertain. She was a great story teller, a great artist, a writer, and a prayer warrior who loved Jesus. Carolyn also had a great insight as to what was amiss in the city, in the world which she would share with me. We had many good times together, prayed together, shared laughter and also tears as friends should. I missed those events after I moved back to Alberta. I do have wonderful memories of this SPECIAL LADY. I will always treasure her painting and her book. Rest In Peace now Carolyn .. sending you love 💕 My sincere condolences to Peter, her family and to her siblings. 🙏🙏

  • December 08, 2021

    Poem by Carolyn Budd Despair The silent void Stifles the heart's agony To face, forever, a God who is mute. Who spoke once, Perhaps twice; "In the beginning . . ." "In a manger a babe . . ." Who says, "ENOUGH," "It has been established." Can I love Him on this alone? He would ask me To love Him Even when He withholds His power Allows me to suffer Lying Slander Betrayal Pain The desperate anger Thrust into the suffocating Silence - unscathed, remote, still and silent, silent void.

  • December 08, 2021

    Poem By Carolyn Budd Tears Tears, expressions of the soul - . . . of joy, when laughter runs out . . . of sorrow, at parting in life, in death . . . of loneliness, when no one has time . . . for, beauty when - "exquisite" pierces . . . for music pointing upwards sunshine kissing dew flowers brilliant bursting silent night stars dancing oil on canvas expressing vision ink on paper making vulnerable . . . of hopelessness - when the Shepherds lose their way and no one will wander with me in the wilderness. by: Carolyn Budd

  • December 08, 2021

    My sister Carolyn and I shared a bedroom for many years growing up. In those days and nights we became mire than blood sisters, we became soul sisters. Through all the challenges, sorrows, and times of illness, I held her in unconditional prayer. Through the joys and years of memories, I was blessed by her vibrancy and her creativity. Colour and beauty surrounded her in all her homes. I will miss her and cherish the gift of being her sister always.

  • December 07, 2021

    Carolyn's funeral day falls on two of her favorite saints day; Saint John of the Cross 1542-1591 and a Doctor of Mystical Theology and he was closely connect to Saint Teresa of Avila 1515-1582 and a Doctor of Prayer. A poem from Saint John and it is said that it contains the essence of all Saint John's thought. One dark night, Fired with love's urgent longings - Ah, the sheer grace! - I went out unseen, My house being now all stilled; In darkness, and secure, By the secret ladder, disguised, - Ah, the sheer grace! - In darkness and concealment, My house being now all stilled; On that glad night, In secret, for no one saw me, Nor did I look at anything, With no other light or guide Than the one that burned in my heart; This guided me More surely than the light of noon To where He waited for me - Him I knew so well - In a place where no one else appeared. O guiding night! O night more lovely than the dawn! O night that has united The Lover with His beloved, Transforming the beloved in her Lover. Upon my flowering breast Which I kept wholly for Him alone, There He lay sleeping, And I caressing Him There in a breeze from the fanning cedars. When the breeze flew from the turret Parting His hair, He wounded my neck With His gentle hand, Suspending all my senses. I abandoned and forgot myself, Laying my face on my Beloved; All things ceased; I went out from myself, Leaving my cares Forgotten among the lilies. It is said that this poem is so packed with meaning that Saint John wrote over 300 pages about it. Peter Goertzen

  • December 07, 2021

    My sister Carolyn loved the colour blue. It was the colour of the sky, & the colour of her eyes. Her vibrant paintings were of nature, and she was at home in her garden, with her animals, and in the mystery and wonder of beauty. As children, we would play imaginative games, and laugh. I loved her sense of humour! She was very blessed with the love of her husband Peter, who cared for her in their home until her passing.

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