Types of Funeral and Cremation Services

Funeral Service

A Funeral Service is directed and presented by a clergy or celebrant (Catholic priest, Evangelical pastor, Greek Orthodox clergy, Feng Shui master), with a designated religious, cultural or traditional focus. This can also be non-denominational or a spiritual event in which a ceremony is structured.

Most Funerals take place in a hall, church or funeral home.

The casket is present as a focal point at the service; this can be an open or closed casket service (depending on beliefs).

Our team is knowledgeable and have experience in coordinating various forms of funeral services; this will lessen stress and remove some of the burden and responsibility from the family.

Memorial Service/Celebration of Life

The Memorial Service or Celebration of Life can be led by a clergy, celebrant, a family member, or friend.

The Service is a ceremony remembering the life of the deceased after the body has been buried or cremated.

It is similar to a Funeral Service, except that there is no casket present. Usually a framed portrait, or an urn is the focal point at the service. 

Our team can advise the family as to the various ways that the Memorial Service can best reflect the person’s values, beliefs, hobbies, or any other important aspects of their life.

Graveside Service

A Graveside Service is held at the place of interment in a cemetery; usually at the graveside, in a mausoleum, or columbarium.

The Service may be limited to a small group of family members and friends. It can be led by a clergy or celebrant, or a friend, to say a few words, or recite prayers with the interment of the deceased immediately afterwards.

Private Viewing (No Service)

There can be a private viewing before burial or cremation. The family will gather one more time to say goodbye to their loved one. The burial or cremation would take place either right after the viewing or at a later time.

Simple Green Burial

Green Burial is an alternative to conventional burial. The person is placed in a biodegradable organic cloth shroud or approved “green” casket and interred in a cemetery that is approved to do Green Burial, to fully return to nature.


Irrespective of the choice of service, the basic service after a death has occurs remains; the Professional Services of a Licensed Funeral Director and Staff to Secure, Release and Transfer from the place of death, the Administration, Documentation and Registration, the Shelter, Equipment and Supplies. We will provide these services no matter the case at an economical price.

We are here when you need us

Our team is here to help when a death has occurred. We will offer our professional services, expert advice, and coordinate the various types of services that the family requires and needs.