Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan

Here’s a Passport to Your Peace of Mind

Today it is not unusual for people, especially retirees, to spend significant time away from their homes each year vacationing, visiting relatives or attending special events. If your death should occur while out of the country or just out of town on a brief trip, bringing a loved one back home can be a complicated and expensive process. There’s no need to worry though. The Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan takes care of all the details and expenses.


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We Cover All the Details

  • Location and transportation to a funeral establishment where the death occurs.
  • Transportation of the deceased back to their home.
  • Handling of all necessary documents, including consular services if outside Canada.
  • Transportation home for the traveling companion.
  • If the Participant is traveling alone, transportation and reasonable travel expenses for next of kin will be provided to accompany the deceased back home.

Your Travel Plan is Good for Life

Shielding your family from unexpected financial loss is easy and affordable. Enrolling in the Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan only takes a few minutes. Full protection goes into effect immediately. The one-time cost can be paid all at once or in installments. Best of all, you can rest assured your protection will never be at risk since it is 100% backed by a reputable insurance company that has been serving families for nearly 50 years and works with a worldwide network of travel assistance providers protecting over 67 million people.

Anywhere, Anytime, We’ll Be There

The Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan covers travel anywhere in the world if death occurs 100 kilometers or more from your primary residence. One toll-free phone call made by your family of funeral director is all it takes to begin the process of bringing you home. Travel Plan associates are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will immediately begin notifying the appropriate parties necessary for a quick, safe and dignified return. Give your family the peace of mind they deserve. Contact your funeral establishment today to enroll in the World Travel Assistance Plan. And don’t forget to ask about our many other services designed to protect you and your loved ones.

Our Promise

This plan makes use of an international travel assistance company to provide the best service possible. For extra protection, we back our travel assistance partner against financial risk. That’s stability and security most other providers of similar services do not offer. This way you can be sure this service will be there when you and your family needs it.

No matter when or where you travel, it’s good to have a plan…

  • “When my husband died, everything was handled very well and there were no hassles at all. I am very glad that I have this plan myself and recommend that anyone who does not have this plan seriously think about getting one.”